Ned Gardiner
Introductory I & II

Ned found Iyengar Yoga in 1991 while his sister was studying with Mary Dunn. His first teacher was John Schumacher, who imparted the importance of zeal, self-reflection, and surrender, even at the introductory level. That impression has remained the ember of Ned’s practice. The flame was reignited in 2013 under the inspired teaching of Ryan Conrad, whose memory remains central to Ned’s path as a student and teacher. Daily Ned studies with Randy Loftis, who has diligently and steadily guided him through the Iyengar assessment process. Ned maintains contact with John Schumacher for learning the essentials of teaching and personal study. He attends classes and workshops, even when he travels, seeking out John and other senior teachers (especially Mary Obendorfer, Eddie Marks, and Manouso Manos). Once he visited a studio in Taipei, Taiwan. Though he couldn’t understand the Chinese language, both the Sanskrit and the attention given to specific parts of the body were very familiar. The language and shared understanding of Iyengar Yoga permeate Ned's work, travel, and life experiences.

While raising a son with his beloved wife, Ned earned both a Master’s of Arts in Geography and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Georgia. He works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to help people use climate information to make better decisions.