Look for signs for the Homespun Museum!

We are located in the historic Grovewood Village.  You can click on the red pin on the map to get detailed directions.  There are several ways to get here and GPS does a good job with directions but don't get confused when you get here.  It will feel as if you are leaving the city streets and you are.  Look for the restaurant the Golden Fleece, the Grovewood Galleries, the Homespun Museum and the Antique Car Museum.  We are inside the same building as the Homespun Museum (picture below) and we are co-located with Asheville Ayurveda.

111 Grovewood Rd.
Asheville, NC 28804
United States

T: +1 828 484-1607
E: IyengarYogaAsheville@gmail.com