Class Rates

  • $20 drop in

  • 5 classes for $90

  • $10 with a Practitioner’s Pass

What is a Practitioner’s Pass?
For $40 a month, you may purchase a Practitioner’s pass at Iyengar Yoga Asheville.

This pass entitles you to:

  • $10 class rate

  • use of the studio for your own personal practice during open practice times

  • discounts on workshops

  • six guest passes per year
    (one every other month)

  • free attendance to community events such as Philosophy night

If you take 5 or more classes a month it costs the same as buying a 5 class pass plus you get all the benefits of a Practitioner's Pass.

To read about our vision check out our page about The Practice Room.

Or contact us here:

Telephone: (828) 484-1607 



*To avoid confusion, class credits and workshops for Practitioner Pass holders are not available in our on-line store.  To purchase pass holder classes or workshops, it's old-school.  Just write it down on the sign in sheet next time you come to class.  We will take care of it from there.


If you would like to be a recipient of or a contributor to our scholarship fund, please click HERE.