Jayne Alenier

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Jayne has been practicing yoga since 1994 and is a Certified Iyengar Teacher at the Intermediate Junior 1 level. As a teacher, she strives to bring her students the three C’s: Confidence, Clarity, and Compassion, creating a safe place for students to evolve along the path of yoga. She continues to attend workshops and teacher trainings with senior teachers, including Lois Steinberg and Rebecca Lerner. She has also attended workshops with Swathi Chanchani, Manouso Manos, Chris Saudek, John Schumacher, George Purvis, Mary Reilly, Lori Blakeney, Colleen Gallagher, Dean Lerner, Mary Obendorfer, and Eddy Marks.

Jayne has a particular interest in the therapeutic aspects of yoga and is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has attended Lois Steinberg’s annual 8-day International Therapy Intensive for three years, most recently in 2018. Jayne also holds an M.S. in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell University and has lived and worked abroad.

Jayne recently moved to Asheville from Chicago and is enjoying the beautiful scenery. Besides being a Mom and Grandma, she loves horses; check out her pictures on Facebook, riding in the Pisgah National Forest! She can be reached at jaynealen@aol.com

Jayne is certified at the Intermediate Junior I level.