My Journey from Dis-Ease to Teacher

Twenty five years ago I had to wear a neck brace. I was too weak to hold my head up. I couldn’t walk barefoot because of nerve pain. I was in bad shape. I had fibromyalgia—a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue and other challenging symptoms. In August this year I celebrated my 65th birthday and things are different. This landmark birthday got me thinking about how I got from there to here and the role that yoga and Iyengar yoga has played in that recovery. Click the picture on the left to read about my journey.

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Keep it Simple

“Silence has a wonderful purifying effect, and you don’t have to go on a retreat to practice it. A decision as simple as choosing not to speak from sundown to sunrise for a few days can be a lovely way to reset and step away from the noise. “ - Greta Kent-Stoll

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Survey Results

The response to our survey was excellent: 24 of you shared your honest feedback about open practice and philosophy. Thank you very much! Several themes were evident. First, many of you wanted more help developing your practice. We hear you and are taking steps to help.


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We are fortunate

I feel so fortunate and I want to share why. It is very special that we are able to host senior Iyengar teachers from around the world at our studio here in the mountains of Asheville. It is so amazing that this community is ready for and supportive of this level of instruction. Your participation and enthusiasm for these events makes it possible for us to continue to invite these talented, highly respected and experienced instructors!


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